Smart Lighting,Smart City

November 26,2019

Over the past decade,high effiency LED light has gradually replaced the traditional incandescent lamp,which has saved 27-29% lighting power consumption all over the world.And now intelligent lighting starts to play an important role in the city.Can you imagine what can an outdoor light do related to the intelligent city?

TFB lighting,as a manufacturer of outdoor lighting with the characteristics of light customization.We've already received relevant requirements for the design and production of smart lighting projects.Can you imagine what can be equiped to an outdoor light?A wifi bas station?Urban broadcast?Smart monitoring?Environmental care monitor?One button help...Yes,you can.

Here is a light we're developing for one of our customer,it integrates Wifi,Intelligent help and other functions,which will be applied in a city squire.Sound cool?There's more for us to discover to LIGHT THE CITY and MAKE THE CITY SMART.

TFB lighting,the intelligent lighting builder.