How to Install Outdoor Lamp Posts Step by Step?

Issue Time:2022/08/23
Lamp posts not only provide lighting, but the appeal of installing lighting fixtures to beautify the curb is becoming a trend in today's market.

If you're looking for some guidance on installing outdoor light posts for your landscape, this article is for you.

Installing outdoor light posts can be easier than you think. Here we will guide you step by step so everyone can install it themselves.

Step 1: Choose the right lamp post

There are a variety of outdoor lamp posts, so make sure you choose the one that suits your curb appeal. First, what is your purpose in planning in your mind? You need a functional lamp post as the only lighting, or you are more concerned with decorativeness.

Depending on your needs, you can consider different models, designs, and heights for your application.

The material is also important as it determines the quality of the lamp post. We recommend TFB Lighting for quality and appearance.

Step 2: Choose where to install the lamp post

Once you have the lamppost, the next step is to decide where to place the lamppost to not only provide enough light but to love it at first sight.
And don't forget to choose a location where you can easily connect to the power cord.

Step 3: Dig holes and trenches

Almost all lamp posts require foundations or footings that are often buried in the ground to stabilize the lighting fixture.

Use a post hole digger or round shovel to dig the hole. Make a hole 30 cm in diameter and 60 cm deep.

Also, you will need a groove to align the power supply with the lamp post. We recommend that you dig a line at the power supply closest to the lighting.

The groove should be at least 30 cm deep and provide sufficient width to insert the catheter.

After that, use a piece of plywood to separate the footer from the gutter. Don't forget to drill holes in the plywood. Make sure the drilled hole is wide enough for the catheter to pass through.

Step 4: Install conduit

When placed underground, the conduit will protect the wires of the outdoor light post from moisture.

We recommend that you use grey PVC electrical grade piping. If there are any turns in the line, use a 45-degree angle or 90-degree connector to connect.

Step 5: Place anchor bolts and conduit

Prepare plywood that is more than 20cm wider than the foundation hole. Drill holes in the plywood for the conduit and anchor bolts to pass through.

Next, place the anchor bolts and nuts on the ends that hang them in the foundation. Install stakes on the edges of the plywood to hold it in place after the concrete is poured.

Step 6: Pour the concrete

You can use a concrete mixer or mix by hand. Next, pour the concrete mix into the hole. Make sure the holes are filled evenly and evenly.

Place the plywood and secure it with the stakes you installed in step 5. Place the anchor bolts and make sure they are vertical and firmly anchored in the concrete. Let the concrete dry for half a day to a day.

Step 7: Insert lamp posts and connect wiring

Once the concrete has hardened, remove the nuts from the anchor bolts and replace the plywood formwork with the lamp post basement.

Position the anchor bolts in the base of the lamp post. After that, attach the pole and light to the pole.

Connect the wires to the lamp post fixture through the conduit.

Step 8: Check how the lamp post works

By step 7, the job is done, but you have to double-check how the lamp post works. Complete an overall assessment to make sure everything is safe.

Also, don't forget to check the quality of the lamp post every few months to make sure there are no defects. If any defects are found, the lamp post should be serviced immediately.

The above briefly introduces the steps of installing lamp posts. If you want to buy lamp posts, please contact us.

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