How to Choose the Right Outdoor Light?

Issue Time:2022/08/30
With so many types of outdoor lights to choose from these days, choosing the right light for your home isn't always easy. However, a few practical rules can help you narrow down your choices quickly so you can get to the fun part: picking your lights! Keep these four tips in mind as you choose outdoor lighting.

1. Outdoor light styles and colors

Choose a style that suits your home. Your outdoor light fixtures should coordinate with the style of your home so they look as if they were meant to be there. For example, if you have an Italian-style house or bungalow with lots of decoration, it is best to use traditional Tuscan lanterns or pendants.

Choose colors that match your home's color scheme. Outdoor lights are available in many different styles and materials, from plastic to glass, and metal finishes from polished brass to brushed nickel. Many come in several different colors as well as finishes, such as oil-brushed bronze or dark bronze, to create a more subtle lighting effect on an outdoor patio or deck, and to reduce glare and make guests feel more comfortable.

2. Outdoor light size

To determine the best-sized outdoor light, simply multiply the height of the door (in inches) by a quarter (0.25) for a traditional look, or if you prefer a more exaggerated design style, the size of the door Multiply by a third ( 0.33 ) to get bigger! For larger-size fixtures, just adjust your math accordingly.

New outdoor wall sconces should be placed at a height of 66 inches from the center of the luminaire to the floor. The same mounting height should be used on each side of any side door as well as next to the garage door. In other words, if you also want to place sconces on either side of the garage door or side entry, you should follow these same fixture sizing and installation guidelines.

3. Outdoor light source

Outdoor light sources can be divided into two categories: wired and wireless. Wired lights are hardwired to a power source, while wireless lights are battery-powered and don't require any wiring.

Wireless lighting is generally less expensive than wired lighting but requires regular battery replacement. For this reason, areas that don't need bright lighting (such as the path to the front door) are best at night. If you want a more stable light source throughout the night, consider using low-voltage or high-voltage light fixtures instead of wireless ones.

Low voltage light fixtures work much like normal home wiring, but use 12V DC instead of 120V AC; they're great for backyard lighting because they're easy to install, and if something goes wrong later (like other types of outdoor lights), They won't overload your home's electrical system. High voltage fixtures convert 12V DC to 120V AC via an inverter, so these outdoor lights/lamps require no extra equipment!

4. Outdoor light installation

Safety first! If you're installing an outdoor light yourself, make sure it's wired securely - use the right tools and don't touch live wires.

Wrong bulbs are a common problem with outdoor fixtures, so check to see if your specific fixture requires an adapter (a bulb designed for that type of fixture). The wrong bulb in bulb can cause overheating or even a fire.

Make sure the placement of new outdoor lighting does not block exits or sidewalks. Before installing any type of electrical equipment outdoors, check your local codes, as some areas require special permits and inspections to allow you to do so.

The above briefly introduces the tips for choosing outdoor lights. If you are still not sure what kind of outdoor lights to buy, or you have already made up your mind, please contact us.

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