LED outdoor illuminating: how to break the ice?

Issue Time:2016/05/18

As the increased functional requirements,the outdoor fixture intelligentization develops dramatically. Theintelligentization core technology is realized through: 1. Intelligence controlsystem; 2. the quality and the technical innovation of the light source.


The outdoor fixture intelligence could bemore energy-saving, it helps build thestereoscopic & layered impression, which is conducive to health.


As regard to marketing channel, the mainlypurchaser of outdoor products are government sectors.

Compared to other lighting products, theoutdoor lights’ marketing channel is comparatively simple, most of them areinvisible channel.

The outdoor lighting enterprises need to meetmany eligibilities if they want to be a vendor to the government. The municipaladministration department mainly inspects the product’s quality and theprojects finished of the enterprise, which are mainly reflected in businessideas, sense of service and working flew. In the early years, many enterprisesare price-driven, but now they pay more attention to control the product’squality, this is of great significance to the outdoor lights’ futuredevelopment.


“New” industry not only “new” intechnology, but also in business operation mode, which force us to adapt newindustries’ environment. PPP mode brings new challenges and chances for streetlighting energy efficiency projects.


Internet of things lighting is an importantpart of Smart city. The smart city cannot be without lighting. Smart lightingis with great development potential and is the future trend. Grasp the chance,then grasp the success.