The data analysis of Chinese export of LED lighting product to Iran

Issue Time:2016/06/13
Middle East is rich in resource,with a high level of economic development. In recent years,

the Middle East invested much in infrastructure construction, forming a huge purchasing power,

meanwhile LED substantial increase in market demand.And Iran becomes an important export

market of China LED lighting products in the Middle East .

2015 China LED lighting product exports to Iran of US $ 86.19 million, down 11.4% from the

same period in 2014. Global market ranking in Iran dropped to 28 in 2015 from ranking 28 in

2014, a decrease of 5 ranking. As of the fourth quarter of 2015,China only exported US $ 23.16

million of LED lighting product to Iran, compared with the same period in 2014 increased by


When analyzed from the export volume and unit price, from an overall perspective,China's  LED

lighting products exported to Iran showed a phenomenon of that amount increased while price

decreased in 2015. 2015, the number of LED lighting products exproted from China to Iran is

39.31 million, representing an increase of 77.7% in 2014, priced at $ 1.50 each, decreased

26.2% year on year compared with 2014 . As of the fourth quarter of 2015, China's LED lighting

products exported to Iran is 10.14 million of number, an increase of 24.8% compared with the

fourth quarter of 2014, priced at $ 1.40, down about 4.7% year on year.

2015, the type-not-listed LED lighting product exproted from China to Iran is $ 46.79 million,

increased by 18.9% compared with the same period in 2014, accounting for about 54.3% of total

exports. Amoung the type-listed lighting products, bulb, light bar and flat light ranked the

top three, its exports totaled US $ 19.74 million, accounting for about 50.1% of the type-

listed product of total exports. From the analysis of the growth rate, the growth rate of

about 88.5% product types have different degrees of decline, the products of high value-added

fixture fell most fastly such as the aquarium lights, stage lights, tunnels lights and cabinet

lights, the rate of decline substantially around 100%. The export of Buried lights, modules

and bulb lamp is in a rising state.

By 2015,the number of enterprise exproting LED lighting products from China to Iran is 650,

compared with Q3 in 2014, the number of enterprises decreased 63. 2015 compared with 2014,

there are 544 new enterprises to enter the Iranian market, while there are 481 enterprises to

exit the Iranian market. Out of business and new business was essentially flat, on account of

the turmoil, most of the companies entering the Iranian market still wait and see attitude.
In the view of orders, there are 2807 orders from China exports to Iran of LED lighting

products in 2015,in which orders maximum amount is up to $ 744,000, the minimum order amount

is  $ 2, and the average order amount is $ 30,000. In all of the order amount, there are about

72% of the order amount is less than the average order value.

We cross-over analyzed product type and enterprise, we can get that the highest bulb exports 

companies is Mulinsen (002,745) Co., Ltd., is about nine times of the company's exports in

2014, accounting for 7.2% of total light bar exports; the highest light bar exports' companies

is Xiamen Peng Rong Optical Co., Ltd.; the highest exports of flat light is Zhongshan Jia Xin

Import and Export Co.; spotlights companies with the highest exports is Tianjin Port (600717)

Free Trade Zone Iraqi-run international Trade Limited.

From the analysis of export brand, in 2015 China's exports to Iran of LED lighting is of very

few brands, including "unlicensed" and "default"  two types of brands of which the total

exports amounted to $ 79.7 million, accounting for 92.5% of total exports in 2015, the

proportion accounted for the vast majority. Exclusing the "unlicensed" and "default" these two

brands, ELITE exports ranked No. 1, followed by OPPLE and SPARK two brands ranked No. 2 and 3.