Philips Lighting use LED to help with France tomato cultivation

Issue Time:2016/07/17
Philips Lighting announced that they signed a new contract with French quality tomato growers Le Jardin de Rabelais. Philips Lighting  will provide growers in France with LED horticultural lighting, and also provide a large and high-quality tomato for French supermarket.
Le Jardin de Rabelais tomatoes and tomato Loire region Awana different taste and quality. However, it is limited by the natural environment - natural light is insufficient, especially in the winter. This is a crucial factor because it will affect the growth of tomato and taste.

Originally installed LED lights in 1.6 hectares of greenhouses in to solve this problem. Subsequently, Philips Lighting and its partners to install an advanced horticultural lighting system is installed 14,000 LED lights in a 3.4 ha greenhouse. The lighting system uses a specially formulated 'light formula' to meet the growing demand of tomato.
Le Jardin de Rabelais founder and owner Pascal Delahaye said: "The problem we now face is the need to grow more tomatoes winter so we are pleased to use Philips Lighting horticultural LED lighting, high-quality grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. the yield increased by 10% a year, while maintaining taste and overall quality. this will allow us one step ahead of the competition. "

Quality tomato Le Jardin de Rabelais 85 percent sold to local customers in France. Annual growth of tomato recipes using LED lighting, and Le Jardin de Rabelais will be able to provide high-quality perennial tomato, avoid winter customers to purchase products from overseas competitors. In addition, compared to the previous high-pressure sodium lighting system, the company will reduce power consumption by 30%, while increasing crop yield and flavor, to achieve a win-win situation.