when lighiting encouter things of internet, Giants have started to deploy

September 7,2016

"All the manufacturing industry belong to artificial intelligence industry, or called 

things industry. All hardware should be networking, send the data back to the cloud. This 
is not an imagination, it is already a reality." - Baidu CEO Robin Li
This is not the first technology giant said this. In early of the first conference CES, 
Samsung president and CEO B.K. Yoon says:
"Things are no longer science fiction movie, but the fact that science and technology." - 
"The Internet is about to disappear, a highly personalized, interactive and interesting 
world - things will be born.  Jus imagine that you walk into the room, the room will  
change accordingly, with your permission and all these things, you will interact with all 
the happening in the room. "- Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt
From the above sayings, we can easily get that a burgeoning era of things has been declared to come. and will be temporary and quickly into the rapid development period. After years of deliberation, the scene of things covered "organism" has become more abundant, the critical moment coincides with the moment of time when the lighting industry transformation and upgrading, things can embrace what spawned new forms of industry, it has naturally become a backup that is a major concern to the industry development direction.