India Lighting Market with great potential Price competition is becoming increasingly fierce

Issue Time:2016/10/07
"The Indian market, ah, the price is too low, it is difficult to promote." When Taiwan blew the "the new South heat",there are practitioners with the wait-and-see attitude,do not hurry to follow suit. The practitioner has pointed out that the mainland Chinese industry has been in India for a long time, grab the market with low price. Plus that India's per capita income is not high, the Taiwanese industry is facing strong price competition.
According to foreign reports, LED bulbs in the Indian market, the actual price is three hundred and fifty to six hundred rupees (about NT $ 150 to 290 yuan). But in the government "bright road movement" policy subsidies, the Indian people can buy 2 LED bulds with about NT 5 yuan.
India International Lighting Fair this year has been into the fourteenth, Taiwan manufacturers this year will also  participate in as the sixth group. The practitioners said, "India's domestic market is so big, there will be peers want to try." But it is understood that the current agents in India to obtain the LED industry is not more than 10.
Zhang Jiefang, the chief executive of Biaojie Photoelectric, currently operates in Taiwan and Cambodia and is not interested in the Indian market. He pointed out that the Indian market price is too low, it will be very hard to do, the price in Southeast Asia is still relatively reasonable. Even the African market is more worthy of promotion than the Indian market . "Because of the high price of electricity in Africa, there is also more valuable space to break into."
Zhang Qingfang said that although the international manufacturers already has the layout on the Indian market, but the production base is generally located in China. It is more difficult for Taiwan practitoners to compete in.