International giants "action" behind, what is the reason?

Issue Time:2016/10/09
From a rational point of view of the choice of these international brands, we will find that these are only LED lighting lighting industry market development, industry norms in the course of an inevitable stage. So, the international lighting giant or sell some of its business, or exit a regional market, which has deep meaning? To this end, we integrated lighting industry point of view, mainly the following conjecture:

1, the Asian market too competitive, "price war" bear the brunt. Such as the original Samsung exit, there are industry forecasts, due to intense competition, especially in overseas markets lasting "price war", resulting in the year Samsung Electronics LED business in overseas markets continued to slump.

2, LED lighting applications profit is low, "tasteless" decisive abandon it. In the face of these "performance" problems, GE opted for a more professional field, a more professional market, more profitable products, or a wise move, before GE's exit from Asia and Latin America continued its decline in lighting revenues.

3, moderate adjustment "large and comprehensive", deep plowing secret agents "and the fine." OSRAM chose to "sell" its light business, largely because it will focus on the three "core business" - special lighting, lighting systems and solutions and optoelectronic semiconductor growth and innovation, and these areas of expertise has its unique advantages And value.