GE has announced the closure of a traditional lighting factory

Issue Time:2016/09/20
Following the outgoing CEO of GE Lighting in the internal e-mail announcement from November 30, GE Lighting will terminate all direct business in Asia and Latin America, foreign media has revealed that GE lighting will announced internally it would close its Bristol Dodgeville's bulb factory. This is GE's third announcement of the closure of factories lighting this year, this traditional lighting factory was founded in 1948.

GE spokesman Alicia Gauer revealed that if the union agreed that the company will officially close the above factory in August 2017. GE Lighting in a press released that the closure plan is based on the past decade, the trend fast conversion from the traditional lighting products, including incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting to LED.

Official said, the factory production of traditional lighting products is obsolete, and the current capacity utilization of this plant is only 80% , it is expected to produce new products in the plant.