The condition of LED industry chain price increasing intensifys in 2016

Issue Time:2016/10/28
2016 The hottest annual hot topic in 2016 is definitely  price-increasing events. From the beginning of the year so far,  enterprises of increasing is a wave after wave, the next wave of price seems to be still in the making.

Upstream chip industry such as crystal optoelectronics, Trina Optoelectronics, Hopewell, Huaxia Optoelectronics, Huacan Optoelectronics and other enterprises; the midstream package such as wood Linsen, Cinda Optoelectronics, Glory and other companies have raised the price of the product.

For the LED industry prices increasing, the industry generally hope that the LED industry can return to be reason. Samsung LED general manager of China Tang Guoqing had expectations of rising prices. He had said that on the external competitive environment,  price war has been unable to go long, only LED products return to its original value, LED industry back to a rational competitive environment, the market has hope, have long-term development of power.

t from China's LED market of fiery phenomenon, China's LED industry boom gradually picked up. If the government go further to subsidize the application of LED lighting in future, that will fundamentally improve the overall industry supply and demand pattern, the domestic LED industry chain is expected to benefit the overall and become further warming. Look at the international side, as the foreign lighting giant LED lightinghave faded in recent years,  promote the development of China's LED industry to some extent, and the industry dominance gradually transferred to mainland China, and with the increase in international mergers and acquisitions of international giants , LED technology is also tilted to the domestic, patent barriers are expected to open. Global LED lighting pattern is undergoing profound changes.