Chinese enterprises become the main force of the Middle East lighting exhibition

Issue Time:2016/11/24

The 11th Middle East (Dubai) Lighting Fair opened in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on October 31. About 150 Chinese lighting enterprises participated in the exhibition, accounting for 43% of the total exhibitors, becoming the main force of the event.

According to the exhibition organizer, Messe Frankfurt Messe Ahmed Powell, chief executive of the Middle East, the Middle East Gulf region, the continuous development of infrastructure construction makes the lighting market demand continues to grow, especially high-tech LED, interior lighting Products.

According to statistics, in 2015 the Gulf Cooperation Council members of the LED market size of about 900 million US dollars, accounting for the entire lighting market in the region nearly 40% of enterprises in this area of ​​technological advantages are obvious, as the main force exhibitors and Not surprising.

Sun Jiayu, General Manager of Jiangsu Chengxu Electric Appliances Group Co., Ltd., said that this year is the second time exhibiting by the company. The products are not only the crescent lanterns of Arab countries, but also the integrated car charging, environmental monitoring, security monitoring and wireless network launch. Science and technology functions of the intelligent street light series. At present, many customers have expressed the initial purchase intention.

The annual Middle East (Dubai) Lighting Exhibition is one of the largest and most authoritative professional exhibitions in the world of architectural lighting, attracting more than 350 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions. The exhibition will last for three days.