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Customer Luminaries Requirement.

At an early stage of a project , we would have received a concept in molding from client and engineer. Our professional sales engineer will select a suitable lights from our wide range of products. Making sure the fixtures itself applicable for that specific project and architecture.

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Understand Customers' Needs

Our team of experienced technicians and sales engineers will work closely with the customer to learn about their specific needs and requirements for their outdoor lighting project. We consider factors such as the project location, budget, and design preferences to ensure that the final product meets all of the customer's expectations.

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Engineer Make Draft Drawing

Our engineer team will create a draft drawing of the proposed custom outdoor lighting fixtures. We will work collaboratively with the customer to refine the design until you are completely satisfied.

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Considering the safety and cost-effective structure of use

After the draft drawing is complete, we will communicate with our team of technicians to make sure that the production of the fixtures is feasible. Our technicians will provide input on the necessary materials and production processes needed to bring the design to life.Once the design is finalized and production feasibility is confirmed, we will present the final drawing to the customer for approval. This ensures that the customer is satisfied with the design and that all details are accurate before moving into production.

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Sample test and Confirm

We will produce a sample of the custom outdoor lighting fixtures, which typically takes us around 7-15 days to complete.

We test to ensure that the sample meets all safety and quality standards for safety installation.

We offer aging tests, water-proof tests, color temperature tests, illumination tests, and cooling tests..Once the sample has been tested and approved, we carefully package and ship it to the customer and confirm.

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Raw material quality control

Raw material quality control is the basic guarantee. Except for stringent production control, we have a lot of professional testing equipment to ensure the product quality of each process. FB Lighting has strict implementation of ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification standards so that you can have complete confidence in our products and services.

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Timely Production

After the customer has received and reviewed the sample, we will confirm all of the details of the final product with our customers. Once we have final approval, we will begin mass production. Our team of skilled craftsmen will produce each component with great care to ensure that the finished product meets the customer's exact specifications.It usually takes one week to open the mold, 1-10 days for samples, and 20-30 days for bulk production. We will complete production on time according to your project progress requirements.

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Aging Test

We have long time strict aging test for luminous flux, color temperature, color index, and power factor .etc to make sure our lightings are qualified. We are HSL certificated.

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QC inspection

Meticulous inspection steps to ensure the quality and quantity of our products. We can offer inspection report if necessary.

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After sales service

2% spares are shipping with mass productions. (You can have 2% spares for free shipping with mass productions.)We will reply to you and provide suitable solutions in 12 hours. With three years warranty, we offer new ones (spare parts) for free if there is any problem with light source, power and lampshades during normal use.